How are clients and leads tracked?

2020-09-03 11:11

All new clients capture/introduced by a lead partner will be linked to the lead partner ID in the database (referral ID). Once a client has the lead partner ID linked, that client is effectively “owned” buy the lead partner for 5 years. This has a huge long-term benefit for the lead partner. It means that any lead requested by a client, be it relevant or non-relevant to the lead partner target services will generate a income for that lead partner. i.e. if the lead partner places a form on their website for moving quotes, should the client then also request quotes for cleaning services or boxes from within their Do.Chat account, the lead partner will still earn 80% revenue from all such future requests. The only exception to this rule is if the client would request a quote for another service direct from another lead partner website, in which case the lead partner who captures the lead will earn the income (for that lead only).   

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