Who will get notified when we capture a lead?

2020-09-03 11:54

That depends on your settings?   Withing you company multiple people may get notification or view lead details on the Job Inbox page.   To select the team members who should receive notifications and get access to new leads, you simply need to navigate to your TEAM menu in your workgroup. Each user has notification and access setting. You will be able to give a team member the permissions needed to received lead notification and view the INBOX, BILLING or CAPTURE LEADS section. Make sure to enable the “Lead Notifications” checkbox next to a team member if you want them to receive lead email notifications for new leads.  Bu default all new team members will receive notifications. Leads you capture are owned by you and you will strictly control visibility and status of those leads. Unless you set the leads to auto sell you will have exclusive privacy and access to such leads.

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