Do I manually have to sell each lead I capture?

2020-08-27 06:09

No. You have two options for each campaign you setup. You can setup a form or campaign to automatically sell all leads it captures. You will still get notified by email of each lead you capture if you enable this for the campaign. Alternatively, you can set the campaign to sell leads manually. We do not recommend that you use this option unless the leads are for you personally. Leads captured and sold manually has to be sold within 4 hours after capture to ensure that the clients get a good service. Leads should be aimed to be sold within 15 minutes.   If you do not sell a lead within 4 hours the sell feature will be disabled, and you will no longer be able to sell that lead. So if you intend to make a profits and sell all leads on a campaign, then you should never select the manual option.

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