Why should I join Do.Chat as a lead partner?

2020-08-26 11:49

Unlike placing ads on your website, the Do.chat lead platform generate passive ongoing income for clients introduced by lead partners in almost any industry? The long-term income received from a single customer accusation far out way the benefits of ads. There are many websites today generating profits from displaying google ads. Profits from google AdSense is incredibly low and marketers need lots of traffic to generate a real benefit. As an alternative the sale of leads (on a pay per lead model) has recently become extremely popular as it gives a much higher return for relevant traffic.   Leads can be sold for between i.e. at R 10 per lead or R 350 per lead depending on the industry and lead specifications. Its profitable because leads van be sold to 2 or 3 businesses in exchange for one acquisition cost. However, to start selling leads comes with its own set of challenges. First, people have to find and onboard strings of contractors or lead buyers, setup industry specific capture forms, create infrastructure to match and deliver leads and then they must figure out what to charge and how to collect and manage payments and credits. Even though many marketers want to adopt to the new model, there simply is no easy or cost-effective way to start.  


Using the Do.Chat lead exchange platform however eliminates the barriers of entry for marketers to enter a lead exchange model. It provides these companies with a co-branded solution by adding their own logo to our lead exchange platform. They can place industry relevant and targeted predesigned lead capture forms for thousands of different services across to world direct on their own websites and platforms with seamless integration. They can start exchanging leads from their target market on the same day. We offer thousands of tailored industry specific forms (and design more free on request) and a broad spectrum of ways to capture leads for each industry. We standardise, regulate and validation the quality of leads for each industry. The platform also has control measures to eliminate fraud. It includes buyer onboarding and lead pricing using complex AI models. It automatically calculates prices relevant to any industry and location anywhere in the world. The result is that we give marketers a highly profitable easy alternative to google AdSense.


By far the largest benefit is that clients introduced by lead partners are linked to the Lead Partner who will continue to earn from that client for future price or quote request. Once a NEW client has been introduced all leads generated from such a client related or non-related to the original industry will generate a revenue of 80% of the lead sales price for the Lead Partner. This means that lead partners will earn passive income from clients across all industries long after the first lead from the client has been captured. They even earn from industries they themselves do not promote or sell. For examples: should a client request quotes for moving from a partner website, then later that same client requests for house cleaning services or moving boxes from within Do.Chat.. then the original client owner (or lead partner) will still earn on those subsequent leads from the same client. This in itself is a huge benefit as lead partners will earn multiple times from one client introduced.

The earning per lead (80%) will be displayed to the lead partner on the SOLD LEADS section the JOBS INBOX section as well as the billing section. 20% of revenue will be used for the operation of the Do.Chat platform and profits and includes costs for bank, sms’s, WhatsApp, and telephone support costs.


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