What happens when a lead is captured. What is the process?

2020-08-26 15:15

You have an option too choose what will happen to the client on the last step of the lead capture process.   You can select that the client stays on the same page on your website or be passed to a specific URL when done. Alternatively, you can send them to their Do.Chat “My Account” section (where your logo will also display).

When you setup your form and marketing campaign you can also select if leads captured by the said campaign will automatically be matched and sold to third-party service providers (leads buyers), or if the leads will manually be sold by you. Leads that are sold be it manually or automatic will all display in the SOLD LEADS section. All the lead details will display there. However, to comply with the privacy terms and conditions to protect the clients, clients details such as their email and cell number will not be visible. You will be able to see if the lead is verified, incomplete, all the lead details except for the email and cell number of the client. Should you choose to see the client cell and email you will have to manually sell the lead.   If you select the manual option you can opt to assign a lead to your won team or submit a quote to the lead for free as these leads has been captured by you and therefore owned by you.   In that case you will be able to view the lead contact details. However once lead has been assigned or a quote has been submitted, these leads can no longer be sold.

You will also have the option to be notified by email of all leads captured on your campaign. You simple have to turn this feature on or off.

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