FAQ Overview

Gigs, Projects and Tasks

What are gigs?

Gigs are micro projects run by small teams for home of business. This includes client jobs, home renovations, party or event planning, webpage design, school or varsity team projects. In Do.Chat GIGs are also used to request prices and quotes which can also be done together in teams. i.e. a husband and wife can compare quotes and chat with the same suppliers together without back and forth sending of emails. It keeps all communication on one place. Emails, chats, quotes, tasks, reminder and meetings.

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What is a sub chat?

In Do.Chat you can click on each message or task to have a sub conversation about that message on the right panel. It’s like a secondary chat. Only the first and last message will show in the main chat.  This is like a reply to a specific message but with the added benefit that a conversation can continue in the selected messages, tasks, or topics. It especially useful to have separate conversations about a task. 

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Hoe does task statuses work?

To update a task status simply click on the square checkbox Infront of the task. Ad drop down menu will appear with the various task statuses you can select.

Status types:                                                               

  1. Start: As soon as a task is started other team members can see you are working on a task and deliver relevent comments or updates.
  2. Paused:   Use this when a task was started but there is some delay or complication.
  3. Review:   Use this when tasks is done and you need someone to signup off on the task                                                           
  4. Future Tasks: Future tasks are not visible under the pending or outstanding tasks filter. IT does not form part of the status bar and objective counters. Its there merely to capture tasks meant for the future in order not to forget them.
  5. Done: (mark task as completed)
  6. Failed: ( is a failed event i.e. I called the client but there was no answer)
  7. Delete: ( will delete the task. Delete tasks are still visible in the completed task list, but the status will be displayed as deleted.)


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How do I delete a comment or message?

You can only delete messages or tasks which you created.   To delete or edit a message simply click on the message icon hovering over the message. The right panel will open and display a delete icon. Click here to delete the icon. The messages will be marked as deleted in the chat and display a bin icon. 

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Can I edit or change a message or task?

Yes. You can only edit the text of messages which you created. You cannot edit or change messages of other people. Hover the mouse over the messages you want to edit. Select the message icon to open the right reply panel. Simply click on the text and edit it. There is no save button. The message will update instantly, and a pencil will appear next to the message to show it was edited.


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What are private vs public projects/gigs?

  1. Private project: means that only the users and participants which you invited into the chat/gig/project will be able to view the project:

  2. Public projects: This feature is only available within workgroups. When a project is marked as public then all workgroup team members will be able to view the project they navigate to your name. By default if they are not participants, they will not view the project unless they navigate to your name or filter projects by your name.

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How does internal or client chat, vs external (team log) work?

Do.Chat is both a chat and a log of events that happens on a project. You have te option to add both INTERNAL and EXTERNAL (i.e. clients) participants on a project.  As soon as a client or external type user has been added as a participant to a gig/chat/project the chat bar allows you to post private internal or team-based messages which will appear in red and only be visible to your internal team or participants. Or you can communicate openly with all participants including clients (external participant) using the blue chat bar.   The red chat bar is convenient for making notes, logging actions and events, chatting to your team privately or setting tasks and appointments for your internal staff.   using this feature puts all communication in one place on a linear timeline. External participants such as clients will not be able to see your internal communication which are hidden to them and will display in red to you and your team only. Clients can only view external communications which display in blue.   This way you can quickly ask your internal team questions while in the middle of a conversation with a client. It is very important to understand that the red team log should also be used to track actions taken: i.e. I called the client but there was no answer.




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h. Can I move a task between gigs (to another project)?

Can I move a task between gigs (to another project)? Yes. Click on the task to open the task right panel. At the top click on the link icon to copy or move a task.

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What is a workgroup?

Workgroups are collections of projects/gigs/chats which needs to be accesses by a different team of users (like a another branch, department or company).  The good news is that if you select the "All worgroups"  options it shows all the gigs from all the workgroups and even your own private projects all in one location.

The main difference in a workgroups is that you can register your team, staff, or group of people that will work in that workgroup. All team members of a workgroup can see all the public projects and tasks of all the other team member on the same workgroup. However if projects/gigs are set to be private then only the invited participants on the workgroup will be able to see that project or gig. Soon you will be able to assign specific tasks and workflow sets to workgroups.

Note:  you have to select a workgroup to change settings in that workgroup.   If you select i.e "ALL Workgroups"  the group settings will not be visible.



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How do I move a project to another workgroup?

Click on the project name, then click on “move project too another workspace”

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Quotes and price requests

How long does it take to get quotes?

Service professionals may start contacting you within 3 minutes. It depends on how many service providers are in your area. It may take up to 24 hours. If there are no matching service providers in your area you will be notified.

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Who will see my info?

Registered service providers who match your requirements will be able to see your see your job requirements as well as your mobile number. They will not be able to see your email unless you choose to share it with them.   They will contact you by Do.Chat chat or via phone.

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Can I trust all the service providers on the platform?

Not all service providers on the platform has been vetted or verified. If they do not have the verified badge, then you should trust your own instincts and make sure your check their credentials before hiring. just like you would call calling a company. You can checkout their profile and website for more info.

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Are service providers vetted, checked, and reviewed?

Not all. Only service providers with the VERIFIED badge has been vetted.

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Is it free to request a quote?

100% free. This includes a free project, task and client manager to allow you to manage home or business project for free, just using chat. 

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Service professionals

What are service professionals?

Any individual or business that suppliers a service to clients. There are ranges of industries and categories which cover this as events, appliances, home, business, construction, etc.   For example, plumbers, wedding caterers, photographers, dress makers, website designers, or pretty much any service you can think of.

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What are the benefits of registering as a service professional, on Do.Chat?

Do.Chat is a network of service professionals which can trade leads and referrals with each other in return for more business. For example, if a specific business get a request for a service they don’t supply, or for a time slot they already booked in they can easily exchange that client for other clients they can. Do.Chat also eliminate the need for marketing a allow businesses to grow by delivering matching customers from 3rd party marketers with service providers.   We have a network of lead partners and marketers that capture client requests for less than service providers can do themselves. Bottom line Do.Chat allows businesses to grow faster for less by collaborating with local businesses and freelancing marketers.  

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What does it cost to become a service professional?

There are no costs to join.   You can create a free profile and use Do.Chat to capture and manage your own clients. You can also place Do.Chat forms on your website for free.   We only charge when a small fee when you want to see client details of 3rd parties (i.e. if you want to buy leads/client requests which you yourself did not capture.

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Is there a vetting process to become a service professional?

Yes and no. There is a vetting process but currently it is not compulsory. However vetted service providers win much more clients than non-vetted service providers.   It is therefore strongly recommended.

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Last update: 2020-09-03 12:40

Should I spend time to setup my company profile?

Your business profile is the first impression a client has of you.   It is the first thing they will read before deciding to hire or fire you.   It is therefore important to spend no less than 20 minutes to setup a winning service profile to get more business. This should include your personal photo, logo (if you have one) photos of your work, a brief description of your company a list of your services and branches or service areas. Good profiles will untimely lead to less costs as you are more likely to win a job of a lead you bought. It is important to always look and act professional, be friendly, and have short response times. Suppliers who respond first and look professional are much more likely to win a job.  

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Where do I see new clients interested my service?

New clients will appear in the JOBS section (Also known as the “Jobs Inbox”). Simply click on the JOBS button and a list of relevant clients will appear. We may be new to some areas and in that case jobs list may initially have no, or few client requests, however we will notify you by email and sms when new client request arrive which match your criteria. Before you will see clients in the JOBS (lead inbox) section you will need to setup your service lists, you service locations so that the system can match client requests with you.  


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Can I capture my own clients?

YES. Infact we encourage you to do this!  There are two ways to capture your own clients.

  1. Click on “add job” button to manually capture a client request in person or via phone. Select the industry and follow the prompts. 

  2. Place custom industry specific forms on your website in less than 5 minutes to capture clients direct into Do.chat.
    You can place free industry specific lead capture forms onto your website and get more clients from your own website than using standard “get a quote” forms. When new clients are captured you will be notified by sms, email and they will be visible in the Jobs inbox page. These forms has been design for your industry specifically and are the same forms marketers will use to capture clients from their marketing campaigns. They are optimised for higher conversions. It’s easy add these forms. There are a selection of form designs available to fit any website’s requirements. The major advantage of this is that you will be able to capture these clients direct into Do.chat to manage them for free. Clients captured by you are your clients and there are no costs to view such client details. If you are unable to assist such a client request. i.e. if you are fully booked or they are outside your service area, then you can click on the EXCHANHE lead button .   This will send the client to matching suppliers near them while crediting your credit balance with up to 3 times the value of the lead. Which means you will be able to get more business from relevant clients that fit you.

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Can I sell my own clients/lead that does not fit me?

YES. This is one of the major benefits of placing Do.Chat forms on your own website. Clients from your own industry or any other industy which you would usually refer away can now lead to more business for yourself.  Some service providers get all their business from regularly referring clients into the network. i.e. a DSTV installer are asked if they can install an electrical plug, instead of losing this business they add the request to Do.Chat in return for other clients that match them better. This allows your business to grow without advertising. 

How this works:

  1. You can capture client request manually following simple prompts or place a free industry specific lead capture forms on your own website. i.e. if you sell artificial grass, then place a custom-made artificial grass form on your site for free.   These forms take less than 5 minutes to deploy to your website and will give you more clients as they are tailored for your industry.

  2. Clients will complete the form and you will get notified by sms and email or be able to view them in the new requests in the JOBS INBOX section.

  3. If you see that you are unable to assist such a client i.e.( if you are fully booked in the time slot, or they are from a different area, job is to big, job is to small etc, then simply click on the EXCHANGE button below the lead.

  4. The system will the match relevant service provider in the area with the client and forward the client request to such service providers.

  5. You will then in return get more business for yourself. Whenever one of these service providers buy the lead, you will receive credits to upto 3 times the value of the lead price. this will allow you to acquire more suitable clients in the jobs list.