How does internal or client chat, vs external (team log) work?

2020-09-03 14:15

Do.Chat is both a chat and a log of events that happens on a project. You have te option to add both INTERNAL and EXTERNAL (i.e. clients) participants on a project.  As soon as a client or external type user has been added as a participant to a gig/chat/project the chat bar allows you to post private internal or team-based messages which will appear in red and only be visible to your internal team or participants. Or you can communicate openly with all participants including clients (external participant) using the blue chat bar.   The red chat bar is convenient for making notes, logging actions and events, chatting to your team privately or setting tasks and appointments for your internal staff.   using this feature puts all communication in one place on a linear timeline. External participants such as clients will not be able to see your internal communication which are hidden to them and will display in red to you and your team only. Clients can only view external communications which display in blue.   This way you can quickly ask your internal team questions while in the middle of a conversation with a client. It is very important to understand that the red team log should also be used to track actions taken: i.e. I called the client but there was no answer.




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